Papoose Responds To Cheating & Baby Rumors


Papoose is responding to a recent rumor–first reported by Fameolous–alleged that Papoose had a baby on Remy Ma with a side chick he began seeing Remy was still recovering from her ectopic pregnancy.“Sad what some people will do for attention/followers these days. Everybody told me not to entertain this BS because the lie is so ridiculous and NOBODY believes it but I dislike liars/fakes, so I gotta do it,” Papoose  captioned a photo of the woman in question.“Shout out to the fake blogger who STARTED this lie along with the female in this picture. Peace [to] the innocent child,” he continued. “I'm not sure who paid y'all to do this but return their money cause it didn't work. Hope y'all enjoyed y'all 5 seconds of fame cause I'm putting this lie to rest tonight. I keep telling y'all haters [black love] is INVINCIBLE.”’Pap later posted two video clips featuring the woman — whose name is allegedly Topaze Stinton — talking to her girlfriends and they asked her if she ever had a sexual relationship with Papoose in the past and she denied it.

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