MEGAN THEE STALLION: "Hot Girl Summer" Explained

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Get that bag, Meg! 
  • These brands were trying to use her clout to cash in. If they want to do that, Meg deserves a piece of the pie.
  • It's three words. This isn't that big a deal. You're telling me no one was ever saying "Hot Girl Summer" before this year? 

There was a lot of talk about Megan Thee Stallion’s move to trademark the phrase “Hot Girl Summer” this year. Now, the Houston Hottie has explained why she made the move. 

Meg tells Allure, “I really didn’t even know that it was gonna catch on how it did. It was just me talking [crap], telling everybody I was gonna be me for the summer, and they should be them, too, like as free as they can be.” But it was when the big corporations started cashing in that she felt compelled to act. “When I saw Wendy’s and Forever 21 saying, ‘Hey, are you having a Hot Girl Summer?' I was like ‘Hell no, Forever 21, you’re going to have to pay me.’ But I just want to get it trademarked because it’s me. It’s my thing.”

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