Cop Charged with Murder After Admitting He Didn't See Antwon Rose With a Gu

Cop Charged with Murder After Admitting He Didn't See Antwon Rose With a Gun

It is a damn shame that we keep seeing these stories pop up all across America. 

This time, however, the cop who shot and killed Antwon Rose admitted to not seeing a gun with or near the teenager. 

So why did he have to die?

An East Pittsburgh police officer was charged with criminal homicide in the fatal shooting of Antwon Rose Jr. after admitting to investigators he did not see a gun when the teen ran away following a traffic stop.


Rose, 17, was shot three times by Officer Michael Rosfeld on June 19.


“Antwon Rose did not do anything in North Braddock other than being in that vehicle,” Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala said during a press conference on Wednesday.


Initially, Rosfeld told cops that he saw “something dark that he perceived as a gun,” according to the criminal complaint released Wednesday.“This observation caused him to step from behind the cover of his car door to acquire a better view,” the complaint read. “He then fired his weapon.”


However, when asked to go over the sequence of events again, Rosfeld told investigators that he did not see a weapon “when the passenger emerged and ran.”


When asked about the inconsistency, the officer said he saw something in Rose’s hand “but was not sure what it was.”


Court records reveal that Rosfeld was arrested Wednesday and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 6.


Rose was struck in the side of his face, in the elbow and in the back by a bullet that stuck his lung and heart, which was the fatal wound.


Rosfeld "feels bad about what happened, and it was his first time ever firing his weapon as a police officer," the officer’s lawyer Patrick Thomassey said.


A person is guilty of criminal homicide if they intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or negligently cause the death of another human being. Zappala said Rosfeld could be charged with first-degree or third-degree murder.


“It’s an intentional act, and there’s no justification for it,” he said. "You do not shoot someone in the back if they are not a threat to you.”


Two guns were found in the vehicle that Rose fled, but the teen was unarmed. He raised his arms before he ran away in an effort to signal he did not have a gun, Zappala said.


“You can’t take somebody’s life under these circumstances,” the DA said.Zappala said that they don’t believe Rose fired a gun that night. -(David Boroff, NY Daily News)
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