Police Officer Caught Beating His 14 Year Old Daughter in School Office

Police Officer Caught Beating His 14 Year Old Daughter in School Office

What could this girl have done bad enough that she needed a beating in the school?

This cop is in hot water after letting his temper go.

Shocking video shows the moment a police officer slapped, punched and pulled her teenage daughter's hair because she misbehaved in school.Miami-Dade police officer Raymond Rosario was called to his 14-year-old daughter's principal's office on March 19 because she had 'disrespected her teacher'.


He is seen on CCTV footage of the Pinecrest Cove Preparatory Academy office pulling her by her hair, hitting her in the face and beating her with his belt.


At least two other people were in the room at the time, one of them believed to have been a pregnant woman, NBC reported.


Neither were seen trying to pry the pair apart or intervene in any way.  The 44-year-old was charged with child abuse on March 19 and surrendered himself to authorities on April 2.


An arrest report seen by The Miami Herald showed the teen told police 'she did not sustain any visible injuries and/or bruises'.


Since his arrest, the policeman of 24 years has been suspended with pay, CBS Local reported.He is expected to sign a plea deal, and if he does not receive a criminal conviction, could possibly return to the force.


The girl's school issued a statement explaining one woman present was pregnant and too scared to intervene in the girl's beating, but the statement does not comment on the other woman seen in the clip. -(Hannah Moore, Daily Mail)
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