LMAO: Burglar Celebrates Robbery by Break Dancing, Then Caught by Cops

LMAO: Burglar Celebrates Robbery by Break Dancing, Then Caught by Cops

This guy has to be stupid as hell. 

A burglar caught dancing on surveillance camera may have celebrated prematurely.


David Michael Seale, 43, was arrested on Tuesday in Fresno, California and charged with felony burglary and providing a false identity to an officer in connection with the break-in.


An office worker in the commercial area near Shaw Avenue and Hughes Avenue called police around 10.10am on Tuesday to report a suspicious person leaving the building on foot.


Cops rushed to the scene, knowing that there had just been a report of an expensive laptop stolen from the building over the weekend.Seale was found loitering a short distance away, and had the stolen laptop in his possession, according to police.


Cops also said they found a set of keys on Seale, which opened the building doors and the office suite where the laptop had been stolen. The keys were copies, not originals, and police are not sure how Seale got them.


Seale was initially charged with possession of stolen property and falsely identifying himself, after cops processed him and found several warrants, including a probation warrant.


Further investigation led to the surveillance tapes at the office building.Police combed through three days of the video and say that Seale is seen on tape entering and exiting building and victim's office suite several times over the weekend.


In one instance, around 2.21am on Sunday, the tape shows a burglar unlocking the building doors and then popping and locking in a celebratory dance. -(Keith Griffith, Daily Mail)
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