Parents Trying to Raise Money for Surgery for Baby Born Without Skull

 Parents Trying to Raise Money for Surgery for Baby Born Without Skull

This is a sad story. 

It is not often you see something like this happen. Hopefully the internet can do what it does and help rescue this baby's life.

Desperate parents of a two-month-old baby born with part of her brain and skull missing have today begged for money for life-saving surgery.


Ah Neath's life is in the balance and her poverty-stricken family are now running out of time and hope that their daughter will survive.


Her mother, Srey, and father, Heang, have frantically tried to scrape funds together and even sold their home to pay for medical care.


However, doctors in Cambodia, where Ah and her family are from, have been unable to treat the condition. Her parents remain hopeful.Medics in the South-East Asian country, between Thailand and Vietnam, believe the missing part of her skull may have been caused by anencephaly.


The rare condition, sometimes known as 'open skull', occurs when the foetus does not form completely while growing in the womb.Literature states there is no cure for anencephaly and officials at the US Centers for Disease Control warns babies die shortly after birth.Ah was born in February in the remote Tbong Khmum Province - 103 miles (167km) north east of the capital Phnom Penh.


All of her limbs were working fine - but she had a huge crater in the top of her head and a large swelling at the back of it.


She has been in hospital receiving oxygen to support her breathing but has now been discharged and is staying with family. -(Stephen Matthews, Daily Mail)
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