Watch: Woman Caught Smoking Oxycodone With Toddler in Car

Watch: Woman Caught Smoking Oxycodone With Toddler in Car 

I'm glad this woman got caught, because no matter how much someone loves their child, it doesn't mean they should have custody of them. 

This woman clearly has a problem and has to deal with it before she can be the mother her kid deserves. 

A mother was arrested in a grocery store parking lot for allegedly smoking Oxycodone in the car while her toddler was in the back seat.Courtney Hannah, 23, from Newnan, Georgia, is facing charges of possessing narcotics and child endangerment.Police approached the mother in her vehicle after shoppers from the grocery store reported her parked and smoking something in the car with her two-year-old son in the back seat.


Body camera footage from the Newnan Police Department shows officers questioning Hannah on what she was doing in her vehicle.


'I swear that's all I've got is some foil and a straw. I don't have any drugs on me,' Hannah said in the video.After consistent questioning on if she has any drugs on her, the 23-year-old later admitted to having Roxy, which is an Oxycodone tablet.  Police said her two-year-old son was strapped into his car seat when they approached the vehicle on March 19.'You're doing this stuff right here with a kid in the car,' the officer said in the video.


'No, I wasn't doing it just then, I would never do it within the car with him. I swear to god,' Hannah responded.


She allegedly threw foil at the officers and they found a half-burned Oxycodone pill inside.Officers said her hands were also covered in soot from the burnt aluminum foil piece.She was arrested and taken to Coweta County Jail while the child was turned over to his grandparents.Hannah was released on Sunday on a $5,700 bail. -(Danielle Zoellner, Daily Mail)
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