Crazy: Court Room Footage of Crip Trying To Stab Witness On The Stand!

Crazy: Court Room Footage of Crip Trying To Stab Witness On The Stand!


This guy must have had nothing to lose. 

The wild footage was recently released by the US Marshal's

Dramatic video released Monday shows a U.S. marshal firing four times at close range at a defendant inside a Utah federal courthouse after he rushed the witness stand, jumped and swung with a pen at a shackled witness who barely backed out of the way. The defendant died from his wounds.


The 24-second footage from the 2014 gang-related racketeering trial was released after a media coalition including CBS affiliate KUTV and The Associated Press argued it was a public record in an important police use-of-force case.


The video shows defendant Siale Angilau, a 25-year-old member of the Tongan Crip gang, calmly rising from his seat beside his attorney during the witness testimony and grabbing his lawyer's pen.


As someone yells, "whoa, whoa, whoa," but before any officers could react, Angilau sprinted toward the witness and leaped with his right arm cocked overhead with the pen in hand.


The man jumped back to avoid being hit as Angilau fell feet-first over the front of the witness stand.


That's when the unidentified U.S. marshal shot Angilau four times.


The unidentified U.S. marshal was cleared of any wrongdoing shortly after the shooting. Lynzey Donahue, a spokeswoman for the Marshals Service, said in a statement the video "demonstrates how quickly violence can erupt, in any situation." She said the FBI cleared the officer of any wrongdoing and that a review board found the use of force was within agency policy. -(AP via CBS)
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