Crazy: Doctor Kills Couple In Front Of Their 3 Children

Crazy: Doctor Kills Couple In Front Of Their 3 Children

This is wild. 

A doctor lost his mind and killed two parents in front of all of their sons. 

Texas authorities are investigating a killing on Sunday whose shocking nature has made national headlines.


Anthony and Tiffany Strait, a married couple, were helping an elderly neighbor move furniture around her gated compound in Seguin, Texas. Suddenly, the elderly neighbor’s son, Dr. Robert E. Fadal II, 56, allegedly emerged from the house and fatally shot the couple with a rifle.


The killing took place in front of the couple’s three sons.


Anthony, 27, who is the boys’ stepdad, was pronounced dead at the scene.


Tiffany, 30, was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she later died.


Lieutenant Craig Jones of the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office told the San Antonio Express-News that the couple was helping the suspect’s elderly mom, a neighbor, move furniture about her gated compound. “It was some kind of benevolent action,” Jones said.


Anthony’s brother, James Strait, told KSAT that the couple knew the Fadal family for years. The couple, who ran a landscaping business, often did odd jobs and favors for the physician’s family.


“These people are friends of the family,” James said. “They’re not people that are violent or angry toward us. We’ve done stuff for these people.”


Authorities are still trying to figure out an alleged motive for the shooting. -(Steve Helling and Greg Hanlon, People)
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