Wow: Woman Lived In Apartment With Her Mummified Mother for 30 Years

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Wow: Woman Lived In Apartment With Her Mummified Mother for 30 Years

This is just sick. 

I understand that a lot of us are close to our parents, but something about this isn't right. 

A woman has been found living with the mummified body of her mother in a squalid apartment in Ukraine.Police believe the 77-year-old woman had kept the remains of her deceased mother for at least 30 years in a flat strewn with rubbish including stacks of newspapers.Officers found the body lying on a sofa next to religious iconography after being called to the address in the city of Mykolaiv by concerned neighbours.Her daughter - now an elderly woman herself - was found alive but paralysed in both legs.She was discovered lying on the floor in urgent need of assistance.There was no water, gas or electricity supply in her flat.


A police report said: 'In order to rescue the 77-year-old woman, officers called the rescue service which helped to break into the flat.


'In one room on the floor was sitting a woman surrounded by rubbish.


'The pensioner could not walk and needed urgent help.


'An ambulance was called for her.


'Having checked other rooms, police found a mummified body of a woman.' -(Will Stewart, Daily Mail UK)
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