White Man Spews Racial Slurs Moments After Teen Dies & His Friends Weren't Having It

How could someone be this insensitive? 

A black teenager died in the ocean while attending a birthday party at the beach. Minutes after the body was discovered, a middle aged white man hurled racial slurs at a group of black teenagers who were friends of the deceased. 

They responded by whooping his ass.

A man has been charged over an ugly brawl broke which out at Adelaide’s Glenelg Beach between friends of the African boy who had just drowned and a man yelling racist abuse. In footage posted to Facebook, the 31-year-old from West Croydon, wearing a towel over his neck, can be heard yelling racial slurs at a group of African youths who had just seen their friend die. Eliase Nimbona, 15, drowned at a birthday party at the beach after his lifeless body was spotted by beachgoers in calm waters underneath the jetty. The man has since been arrested for disorderly behaviour and carrying an offensive weapon after a knife was allegedly found in his possession. -(Persist, WorldStarHipHop)