Wow: Inmate Murders Cellmate On Camera & Hides Body Without Guard Noticing

Wow: Inmate Murders Cellmate On Camera & Hides Body Without Guard Noticing

If it wasn't for security footage, this inmate might have gotten away with this bold move.


CCTV from a Canadian prison shows Anthony George beating Adam Kargus to death in his cell then hiding his body in the lock up's shower stalls the following morning.Throughout the whole violent episode the screws remain completely unaware of the attack.George was sentenced to life without possibility for parole for a decade for the brutal 2013 slaying last week, CBC reports.The murder took place in the Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre in London, Ontario.The video shows the 32-year-old getting physical with Kargus a total of six times.Kargus, 29, appears to be put in a choke hold at least four times by the jailhouse killer in full view of other inmates.The guards only intervene once to break up the attack.Surveillance footage shows that the fatal beating lasted about an hour.The following morning George can be seen getting other lags to help him clean up the blood, wrap Kargus's body in a sheet and drag it to the jail's shower area.Guards finally discover Kargus's body at around 10am on November 1, 2013 and called paramedics but by then he was already dead.A post-mortem ruled the cause of death was blunt force trauma, his face was so badly beaten that Kargus had to be identified by his tattoos, the court heard.George said during sentencing that he was drunk when he killed his fellow inmate having drank a "toilet bowl of jailhouse brew". -(Guy Birchall, The Sun UK)

Credit: CTV London


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