Fake Federal Agents Telling People In Houston To Leave Homes So They Can Ro

Fake Federal Agents Telling People In Houston To Leave Homes So They Can Rob Them

This is beyond pitiful. 

According to reports, there are people in Houston taking full advantage of the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Word is, people are walking around dressed as federal agents robbing people's homes.


City officials announced the midnight to 5am clampdown after police arrested a crew of armed robbers who were hijacking vehicles and reports of thefts from some of the thousands of homes that lay partially underwater and abandoned by fleeing residents.They warned people to ask anyone knocking on their doors for official badges and credentials with their name and organization.San Leon volunteer firefighter Jody Garcia told the Houston Chronicle that one person posing as a first responder pointed a shotgun at two residents who were trapped in their homes and told them to leave. US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement has confirmed they will not be conducting any operations in Houston during the rescue effort. He said the Houston Police Department was going to have to stop assisting in search-and-rescue missions to focus on 'going after criminals and keeping the good people of Houston safe'. -(Thomas Burrows, Daily Mail UK)

Photo Credit: San Antonio Express-News

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