Wow: 3 Black Teens Arrested After Being Run Over By Driver Who Goes Free

Wow: 3 Black Teens Arrested After Being Run Over By Driver Who Goes Free

I really don't understand why police keep allowing stuff like this to happen. 

It boggles my mind that someone could say that these three teenagers committed a crime and the man who ran them over didn't.

Three young black men were hit by a truck Tuesday, on North Chataignier Street in Louisiana. The three men suffered scrapes, bruises and even received staples after the crash that occurred around 8 p.m. However, when police arrived, they fined the three men for not wearing reflective clothing at night and charged them with obstructing a public passage, while the drive got off scott-free.


“For me to find out that this guy gets to just go home, we all get some misdemanors and nothing happened to him, I’m upset about it,” 21-year-old Deonte Williams explained.


“I just wake up; my cousin [is] telling me, ‘Don’t get up,’ and I was just full of blood,” Williams added. “When I wake up, I don’t see nobody with the truck there. I don’t see nothing, but the ambulance leaving with me.”


According to KATC, police argued that the city has an ordinance for pedestrians to wear reflective gear after dark. They also claimed that the driver was blinded by the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, prompting the hit. However, the men say the driver was at fault as they were not in the middle of the road.


Williams argues that he and the two teens, Cody Mayes, 19, and Tevin Wilson, 17, were walking near the grass, as there was no sidewalk. He said Mayes and


Wilson were in the grass when they were hit from behind. “He must have had his lights off and going pretty fast because it hit all three of us.”


Although police say there were no signs of alcohol on the driver, Williams hopes that the charges against him and the two teens are dropped.


“I guess the Lord got to work in his own way,” Williams said. -(Ms JennyB, Baller Alert)


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