Cops Burn Child With Boiling Water While Mother Was Arrested With No Phone

Cops Burn Child With Boiling Water While Mother Was Arrested With No Phone Call

I really hope that this isn't true, but with the way things have always been in this country with police, I wouldn't be surprised...

An Alabama woman is suing Franklin PD after she alleges they held her in a cell without a phone call and burned her 2-year-old with scorching hot water. The woman says her two-year-old son and another child was eventually carried off to a foster care after her bogus arrest, while she sat cluelessly in a cell, waiting to be granted a phone call.


Her phone call never came. She also didn't know her son was burned burned while under police supervision. Why was she even arrested  for two weeks???


The Tennesean reports, Tracy Marie Garth was driving to Nashville with her two young children shortly after midnight on April 25, 2016. When she stopped at a Shell gas station, she was approached by a Franklin police officer who accused her of passing a dump truck, striking an orange traffic cone, failing to stop for law enforcement and speeding, the lawsuit says.


The arresting officer, Sgt. James Phillip reportedly said he observed that both children were improperly restrained in the vehicle.


Phillips obtained arrest warrants for three counts of felony reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon (her vehicle), two counts of evading arrest with a motor vehicle, driving on closed roads, speeding, improper passing, failing to stop at a red light and two counts of violating the child restraint system.


That's a bit much for hitting an orange cone!


Garth had no criminal background and no outstanding warrants, the lawsuit says and she is suing the PD and the Tennessee Division of Children's Services for $2.5 Million.


The suit included photos of the young boy's neck and body burned while in police custody. A spokeswoman for the PD says the boy pushed a hot water dispenser button in a police break room. He was reportedly taken to the hospital, though his mother says she was not told about what happened until after she got out of jail. -(Bossip)


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