She Out Here: Woman From Usher Scandal May Have Slept With August Alsina

She Out Here: Woman From Usher Scandal May Have Slept With August Alsina

After Quantasia Sharpton held a press conference accusing Usher of having sex with her without telling her about having (allegedly) herpes, her face exploded all over the internet. 

It turns out Usher might not be the only celebrity Sharpton has found herself in bed with.

The latest woman to accuse Usher of (nearly) giving her more than she bargained for after a night of unprotected passion, may have a past with yet another entertainer.


Our friends over at Baller Alert are notorious for posting “Groupie Tales,” featuring anonymous reports on the sexual prowess of some of your faves from ladies who’ve had the chance to toss some box their way. Apparently, Quantasia Sharpton was the one to send in a retelling of her encounter with August Alsina in late 2014. The story about August most likely to be hers involves a few Twitter DMs to August’s DJ, an invite backstage to the show, and you know how it goes from there. It’s story time, y’all:


It was an amazing show. After the show I got a text saying I’m coming outside to meet you. You and your friend are coming back with him. Me and my girl got backstage. They offered us some drinks and smokes.. We were drinking. The whole crew was there including Aug. Aug asked everybody to clear the room except for Era and his company. Clearly Era didn’t tell Aug who was for who because Aug started feeling on me… After a while we got tired of being backstage and we all got in his van including his security and went back to his hotel room.


Dj era and my friend went to Era’s room and me and Aug went to his room. when we got to his room he started rubbing on my private area below. (To keep it PG) he didn’t even allow me to take my dress off before he bent me over on the couch and was fucking me. He had a bigger than regular sized d*ck. It was big enough. But not Mandingo size like everyone is saying. But don’t get me wrong. It was huge. He made me cum a numerous amount of times before it was time for me to leave. He did say no love. But I wasn’t mad. I just wanted the d*ck. What did surprise me was that he did kiss me. Not on my lips but on my cheek. Also he took my number down and made sure I got home. And once I was in the house he text me to make sure I was okay and that I was there safely. He was a real gentlemen. -(Bossip via Baller Alert)

Other sources have come out and said that this girl was frauding then and probably is now!

I feel for my man Usher, no body deserves all this!

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