7 Bounty Hunters Arrested For Killing Innocent Father

7 Bounty Hunters Arrested For Killing Innocent Father

I've seen "All About The Benjamins" a million times, but I never realized bounty hunting was a thing where people ended up dead!

7 Tennessee bounty hunters have been charged with 1st degree murder after shooting at a car with 4 people in it, killing one. However, all of the people in the car were innocent and weren't wanted for any crimes!

In fact, the Clarksville bounty hunters were looking for someone else, and there is no indication that any of the victims fired at the defendants or were even armed, police spokesman Jim Knoll said in an email.Bail bondsmen are empowered to hire or act as bounty hunters to bring in people who violate the terms of jail bonds, but they can't use deadly force unless it's self-defense.


Killed was 24-year-old Jalen Johnson, a father of three from Clarksville. His family called him an innocent man who died in an act of terrorizing violence.


The bounty hunters, Jenkins said, started shooting in the parking lot and continued to fire on them during the chase, even ramming the Nissan along the way.


Clarksville police would not confirm or deny these details, but authorities have said they are troubled by how the bounty hunters put people at risk. -(FOX 17)

Smh, these guys had no idea what was going on and had to be scared out of their minds. Rest In Peace.

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