Parents Prank Their Kids For YouTube & End Up Losing Custody

Parents Prank Their Kids For YouTube & End Up Losing Custody

How stupid can you be?

These parents got caught in the lime light and have lost the stability of their family for some YouTube views. 

They made a channel with videos performing "extreme" pranks on their kids. These videos ultimately led to the state taking custody of their children. 

Mike and Heather Martin had been under fire for the extreme videos posted to their DaddyOFive YouTube channel. Videos with names like "PSYCHO CLOWN ATTACKS FAMILY" and "DAD PUNCHES KID IN THE FACE" show extreme pranks involving the family.


Last month, many members of the online community who viewed the videos claimed the children featured were being abused and that child protective services should step in.


The Martins claimed all of the pranks were staged and that they often let their children come up with the ideas the videos were based on.


After the ‘INVISIBLE INK PRANK’ was published it was pulled from YouTube for violating the site’s policy on harassment and bullying.Shortly after the video was removed, the Martins posted an apology and enlisted the services of a crisis management agency to help handle the backlash. -(FOX News)
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