Man Caught Stealing Stabs Security With Needles Claiming He Has AIDS

Man Caught Stealing Stabs Security With Needles Claiming He Has AIDS 

What the hell??

A New York man was caught stealing from a department store and did something completely unexpected to try to escape. According to reports, he attempted to inject 3 security guards with AIDS and Hepatitis C.

A crazy shoplifter started attacking security guards with hypodermic needles at the Macy’s in Herald Square this week. The New York Daily News reports the crazed man jabbed three security guards with a hypodermic needle, then claimed he had AIDS and hepatitis C.


The man was attempting to steal purses at the Macy’s flag ship location and got busted! That triggered his attacks.


As security approached him,he yelled, “I’m going to stab you! I have HIV!”


Police say the alleged shoplifter, Robert Percodani, 25, was out on parole for just over two months. He tried to swipe several Michael Kors handbags from the department store. Several security guards tried to stop the prick, that’s when 3 of them ended up being punctured by the needle.


Police arrested Percodani, who was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment as an emotionally disturbed person. -(Bossip)
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