Watch: Cowardly Child Murder Rapist Jumps To His Death In Courthouse To Avoid Trial

Watch: Cowardly Child Murder Rapist Jumps To His Death In Courthouse To Avoid Trial

This is the true definition of a coward.

Robert Seman Jr., from Ohio, was accused of murdering and raping a 10 year old girl. He was also accused of killing the girl's grandparents by setting the them on fire. 

It was a day before jury selection would begin in the death penalty trial of 48-year-old Robert Seman Jr., according to the Washington Post. You can see the alleged triple murderer in video, tossing himself of the balcony.Seman fell more than 50 feet to his death. The impact of his body hitting the marble floor “shook the building,” witnesses said. Prosecutors say his suicide was “very telling”. -(Bossip)
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