Watch: White Man Threatens To Beat African Mom In Restaurant In Front Of Kids

Watch: White Man Threatens To Beat African Mom In Restaurant In Front Of KidsIt's crazy to see people still justifying this type of behavior.While it's not exactly clear how this situation reached this level of anger, threatening a woman is never cool. According to TimesLive, the white man in the video went to Spur Restaurant at Glen Shopping Centre in Johannesburg with his family for a birthday outing. His daughter came to him crying saying that another child had been bullying her in the kids’ play area.The unidentified man approached the mother rudely to address the situation, and that is when things went “pear shaped”, as they say.Again, let us say, this video is VERY triggering…(Bossip)


The restaurant released the following statement: Dear Spur customers,We have been alerted to an unfortunate incident between two individuals that occurred at Texamo Spur, The Glen on Sunday 19 March 2017.Upon viewing the video content that’s been circulated on Social Media we are shocked at the adults for behaving in the manner they did, especially with so many children around. As a family restaurant, Spur does not condone this type of behaviour.We have investigated the incident with Texamo Spur staff and management, who expressed that they did in fact try to intervene, but were pushed away numerous times by the angry male customer. As soon as the incident escalated, Texamo Spur staff notified The Glen Shopping Mall security.The man in the video is not welcome at any Spur restaurant nationally. We do not condone any forms of violence against women or children, irrespective of the circumstances.We are very disappointed that children were exposed to this type of behaviour and would like to assure the public and all our loyal customers that we will not be taking this incident lightly.Kind regards,Spur Steak Ranches

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