Mom Sets 2 Sons Beds On Fire, Locks Them In Room To Die

Mom Sets 2 Sons Beds On Fire, Locks Them In Room To DieIf you don't want your kids, just put them up for adoption.A West Virginia mother has been charged with the murder of her 3 and 5 year old sons. She allegedly locked them in their room and lit their beds on fire and left their mobile home. 

Authorities alleged she set her boys’ beds ablaze, locked the door to their room from the outside and left their mobile home, according to the Washington Post.


She allegedly headed to her parents’ house for soup.


George Harms, West Virginia's assistant fire marshal, wrote in the complaint against Delgado that she admitted setting fire to each bed before leaving the home, according to media reports.


The Washington Post reported that he tried to escape, but was locked in. First responders later rescued him and pulled out the kids — Justin Jr. and Delmer — but it was too late for the youngsters. -(NY Daily News)


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