Brazilian Soccer Team Signs Player Who Had His Wife Killed & Fed To Dogs

Brazilian Soccer Team Signs Player Who Had His Wife Killed & Fed To Dogs

Brazil might be the ratchetest country on the planet.

There is always some super crazy ish going on down there.

A Brazilian soccer team is under fire today after they signed a goalie to a new contract only months after his release from prison. However, this isn't like Mike Vick when he got out of jail.

This guy was convicted of ordering his wife to be killed and fed to some damn dogs! 

Bruno's lawyer was able to get the soccer player released from prison after serving seven years of a 22-year sentence because the courts had failed to rule on his appeal.


As a result of the controversial signing, three sponsors dropped Boa Esporte and hackers condemned the team on its own website, per the report.


The victim of Bruno's brutal crime, Eliza Samudio, had been suing him for child support. Samudio then went missing, and Bruno admitted to his involvement in the plan that resulted in her death.


Samudio's mother filed a lawsuit aimed at sending Bruno back to prison under the premise that he posed a threat to her grandson. However, that suit failed and Bruno, 32, is now back in the business of soccer.


According to the Associated Press, Bruno expressed gratitude for the chance to return to soccer in a press conference transmitted by ESPN Brazil, and also said, "people run from me because of what happened in the past." -(NY Daily News)

I would run too!

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