WTH? Serial Killer Loose After Murdering Woman & Child Live On "Dark Web"

WTH? Serial Killer Loose After Murdering Woman & Child Live On "Dark Web"There are a lot of sick people in this world.A place where a lot of them convene is called the dark web. It is a deep part of the internet where people can be far more anonymous that the typical web. It has been the center of cases with drug dealing, prostitution, child porn, human trafficking and hiring hit men.A German serial killer is now on the lose after he chose to butcher a little girl and woman while streaming on the deep web. 

It all started on Tuesday when Marcel Hesse, 19, from Germany, is believed to have murdered a 9-year-old boy – who was his neighbor. According to reports, Marcel VIDEO’d the murder and then posted the SNUFF FILM of him committing the murder – on the “DARK WEB.”


But then the story gets even more OMINOUS. Marcel ran off and managed to escape the police. And new reports surfaced on the “Dark Web” that Marcel had killed someone else – this time a woman.


Eventually he posted a pic of the dead body, along with a paper with the date on it – to prove he killed someone else.


Marcel is currently on the run and is believed to be a HOMICIDAL MANIAC. -(MediaTakeOut)

This is crazy, smh.

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