Rapist Pulled The Skin From Victim's Skull

Rapist Pulled The Skin From Victim's SkullWow, this is some brutal stuff. A rape victim suffered what her doctor called a "floating face" after she was brutally attacked by Anthony Laine.According to the doctor, the skin was forcefully pulled from her skull without being actually ripped.

The unidentified woman was reportedly asleep inside a tent on the banks of River Severn in Bewdley, Worcestershire last summer, when Anthony Laine, 30, entered the tent and forced himself on her sexually and physically, leaving her with severe injuries. She was later found unconscious in a pool of blood.Laine received a jail sentence of 12 years this week after he pleaded guilty to two counts of rape and inflicting GBH with intent, according to Metro.Prosecutor in the case Timothy Sapwell said during hearing that the woman — who has little recollection from the assault — suffered a 4-inch cut down the middle of her forehead, a v-shaped cut over her right eye and another over her left eye. -(NY Daily News)
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