Judge Rules Black Man Beaten By Philly PD Was Pulled Over Illegally

Judge Rules Black Man Beaten By Philly PD Was Pulled Over Illegally 

In a city like Philly, who would think a young black man caught with drugs would even get a judge to look at his case?

Judge Kai Scott did just that and ruled that 22 year old Tyree Carroll was wrongly pulled over, searched and beaten by Philadelphia police. He ruled that the drugs found on Carroll could not be admitted as evidence as a result of the illegal search.

A narcotics officer testified he approached Carroll on April 3, 2015, suspecting he'd recently sold drugs. The undercover officer grabbed Carroll by the arm, leading to a confrontation in which officers kicked, punched and cursed at him.

Wiseman said without the evidence, the district attorney's office will be forced to dismiss the case.


At a hearing on Tuesday, Carroll covered his ears as the judge watched a video of the beating that has been viewed nearly 200,000 times on YouTube.


After the hearing, Carroll said he hopes he never has to view the graphic images again, and said he still felt anxious despite the favorable ruling.


"I'm still nervous," Carroll said. "I don't want the cops to kick my ass again because I beat the case." -(NBC Philadelphia)

If I were him, I'd be filing a lawsuit asap!

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