Montgomery Country Teacher Charged With Molesting 3 Year Old Student

Montgomery Country Teacher Charged With Molesting 3 Year Old StudentSmdh. I wish people like this couldn't become teachers. A Montgomery County catholic teacher is facing sexual abuse charges after an alleged incident with a 3 year old girl. Michael Barbee, 32, was formally charged with "involuntary deviate sexual  intercourse with a minor under 16 years old, aggravated indecent assault of a minor under 13 years old, unlawful contact with a minor and related charges."

Barbee initially denied having touched the girl but changed his story after taking a polygraph test, police said.


Barbee told investigators he put his hand down the girl's pants during nap time after the girl called him "stupid" while he was alone in the room with the girl and her classmates, said police. The girl said "ouch" and the incident last about 10 seconds, Barbee told police.


"Barbee admitted this contact was of a sexual nature," the criminal complaint said.


"These charges are serious and disturbing," Gavin said. "The Archdiocese is cooperating fully with law enforcement regarding this matter and remains fervently committed to preventing child abuse as well as protecting the children and young people entrusted to its care."


Barbee had no teaching duties at the actual parish school, only at the early education center, which is located in a separate building on the same grounds, Gavin said. In any case, the parish shared information on the arrest with early learning center families, parish school families and religious education families affiliated with the parish. -(NBC Philadelphia)
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