Brooklyn 1 Month Old's Death Ruled Homicide, Parents Under Investigation

Brooklyn 1 Month Old's Death Ruled Homicide, Parents Under Investigation If you aren't ready for kids, don't have them. It's that simple. A 1 month old's death over the summer has been ruled a homicide after a secondary autopsy. The infant, Nichelle Waring, was found to have a fractured skull and bruises all over her tiny body. Her parents are now being investigated in her murder. Now cops are investigating the child’s mother Kenesha McCroskey, 20 — the last person to see little Nichelle alive — as well as Nichelle’s father, 22-year-old Hakeem Waring. Neither McCroskey nor Waring, who in some court papers is identified as Warring, have been charged with Nichelle’s death. Both are currently in jail on unrelated charges, officials said. McCroskey told police she put little Nichelle in her crib in the family’s home on Hancock St. near Malcolm X Blvd. in Bedford-Stuyvesant after feeding her about 8:30 p.m. the day before the infant died. When the mother returned 45 minutes later, the infant was lying face down with blood on her blanket and near her face, police sources said. More blood was oozing from the baby’s nose. McCroskey called 911 and an operator talked her through CPR as paramedics were dispatched. "I just heard the baby yelling,” said neighbor Juan Mercado, 21. “We didn't know what was going on or what happened to the baby until we saw the EMTs.” “I saw EMTs taking out the baby,” Mercado added. “The baby was already presumed dead, to me.” -(NY Daily News)Child Services investigated the home after the baby's death and found it in deplorable condition. They also say that the door was left open and the apartment unattended for the 2 days after her death.

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