Frat Makes Pledge Do LSD During Hazing, He Slashes Woman's Throat

Frat Makes Pledge Do LSD During Hazing, He Slashes Woman's Throat 

There have been so many instances where fraternity hazing has gone completely wrong, so I don't know why they continue to do stuff this risky.

Christopher Wheeler, 19, is a student at Creighton University and a pledge for the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. He is now facing 2nd degree assault charges. On Saturday, he was allegedly forced by the frat to smoke a blunt with weed laced with LSD as part of his hazing. He says this is why his behavior afterwards was so violent.

The teen was reportedly walking dorm halls looking for a specific person around 1 a.m. that night, when he knocked on the unidentified woman’s door and was told he had the wrong room.


That’s when Wheeler whipped a knife out of his pocket and cut the victim at her neck, resulting in minor injuries.


"I can't apologize enough to the university and any shame I brought them,” Wheeler said.


According to defense attorneys, Wheeler was unsure of what really happened prior to the incident, but family members claim he had “failed a pledge test” when trying to enter the fraternity and was punished with drugs and alcohol as a result. -(NY Daily News)

Damn, this guy might've ruined his future!

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