Video: People Stand And Watch African Refugee Drown In Italy

This is a damn shame!An African man, who was a refugee, has died after drowning in one of Venice's many canals. The drowning was caught on video as a substantial group of onlookers watched without actively trying to help him.Some of the bystanders even made some comments urging him to hurry up and die!

Footage shows the young man, named Pateh Sabally, of Gambia, flailing then drowning in the canal. Nearby onlookers captured the moment with their phones rather than jumping in to save him, Independent reports.


On video, witnesses shout at the man, some calling him “stupid” or suggesting he “wants to die” because he failed to grab a hold of life preservers.


Another comment, Independent reports, went: “Go on, go back home.”“Let him die at this point,” a bystander allegedly shouts. -(NY Daily News)

Some onlookers did eventually toss some live preservers into the water, but he was not able to retrieve them. This left some people wondering if he was actually committing suicide.

I watched the video and that just looks like a brotha who can't swim!

Help your fellow man out sometimes.

Photo Credit: AP

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