Pooh Shiesty Gets Arrested for Allegedly Shooting Security Guard

Well, I guess Pooh Shiesty is living up to his song Back in Blood. In the song, he says he doesn't need security and that he "shot up everywhere they was." And he recently did some shooting. Back on May 30, police were called to the King of Diamonds nightclub down in Miami (wait, I thought they closed that spot), for reports of a shooting. According to TMZ, there were witnesses who saw security walking Pooh out the club and then there was an altercation with Pooh and security staff. Cops say the security manager told them the beef was over money that had apparently fallen out of Pooh's pants. But whatever the situation was, Pooh got mad and pulled out a gun and shot towards the ground. When that happened, one of the security guards was hit in the ankle. When police did show up, Pooh was out. But this week, the rapper was arrested for that shooting. By the way, this was most likely from that same video where someone said Pooh had his money stolen and then you later heard gunshots.

Photo: Pooh Shiesty (mugshot)