Gap Drops First Yeezy Collaboration Item and The Site Crashes

Kanye West was set to release his Yeezy collaboration with GAP this month and things are already going nuts! GAP dropped the first item from the collaboration on the site, which was a blue bubble looking jacket that doesn't have a zipper. The Yeezy Gap Round jacket was released on the site on Ye's birthday. According to TMZ, the jacket retailed for $200. However, when the site dropped the item for a pre-order, the site crashed. Everyone hopped on trying to purchase this coat thing. Sources close to the situation tell TMZ there were over 50,000 users on the site within the first 30 minutes of launch, which was too much, causing the crash. I mean, this is good for the brand but damn! But things seem to be cool now. When you go to GAP's website, you have to basically put in all of your information just to be in a waiting room and then you can place your pre-order for the jacket.

Photo: Kanye West (Getty)