Megan Thee Stallion is Back from Her Break

Megan Thee Stallion’s break is over. You didn't think she would be gone long, did you? Megan posted she was stepping aside for a bit for a recharge. Well, it seems like she did that. Aside from hanging with her boo, Pardison Fontaine, Megan is getting back to work. She posted on social media that she is back and that we call her Ms. Snow, referring to her alter ego, Tina Snow. And does that mean there is new music? Of course. Her follow up post was about new music. She posted to save the date for “Thot S**t” for 6/11. So is it an album, a single, or what? Regardless, Megan is letting you know she is about to have a hot girl summer, again!

Megan Thee Stallion (Getty)