Comedian Jess Hilarious Not Too Funny Over Megan Shooting Joke

I would hate to hear what Megan Thee Stallion had to say about these jokes that are still popping up over her shooting situation. Comedian and Instagram sensation, Jess Hilarious was trying to be funny again. She did a skit that was about trying to figure out the mystery behind the alleged Tony Lanez/Megan shooting. However, Jess may have gone too far. Megan Thee Stallion addressed her fans earlier this week and even said how a woman getting shot was not a laughing matter. Even 50 Cent apologized to Megan for making jokes. But that's not stopping Jess, who did a "Mystery Media Crime" skit. And of course, people are trying to cancel the comedian once again. Some people took to Twitter to call Jess out for making fun of the situation when others are being called out for it.

Jess Hilarious (Getty)

Jess Hilarious (Getty)

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