Tiffany Haddish Accepts TMZ Apology

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A few weeks ago, Tiffany Haddish went off on on social media about TMZ. She was bothered because she was leaving the airport with a lot of luggage, meanwhile, TMZ was standing there trying to ask her questions instead of offering to help with all the luggage. She even said they didn't have to offer their help, but it would have been nice instead of letting the women struggle. Well, she has basically gotten an apology and a rose from TMZ paparazzi. 

If you know the deal TMZ trying to pay they bills, off the blood and sweat of the ones of us that are rising to fame. and might talk a little to much. About a week ago one of their camera men was watching me and my team load luggage into the back of our SUV. Now we didn't want or need his help but the fact that he watched us load our bags, and didn't even offer to help. But he wanted my help by answering his questions, is just out of control to me. In my world I treat people with the most kindness I can especially if I want something from them. I guess TMZ Got my message and decided to bring one rose. I love them for that. The next time I run into them I will just talk tell they run out of tape

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