3 People Injured After Gunfire Breaks Out At Lil Baby's Music Video Shoot

Lil Baby

Photo: Getty Images

Three men were shot after gunfire broke out on the set of a music video shoot.

According to a report Atlanta News First published on Tuesday afternoon, May 14, a shooting occurred just before 5 p.m. at a plaza near Anderson Park. The Atlanta Police Department responded to a call that claimed "several people" were shot while Lil Baby was filming a music video. Police confirmed that a 23-year-old male was shot in the neck, a 24-year-old man was shot in the arm and a 27-year-old man was struck in the back. All three victims were responsive and breathing when paramedics arrived on the scene.

“They were shooting from behind me so I got glass all in my hair and I was on the floor for like 20 minutes," said Slappin Tacos Owner Chasity Roman, who witnessed the shooting. "They should have had security, police should have been here."

Roman posted video of Lil Baby arriving on set just minutes before shots were fired. In the video, you can see Baby and his team make their way to the location. The next scene shows what happened after the shooting occurred. You can hear people yelling and can see the glass from a window that was destroyed by bullets. Later on in the video, there's a scene where you hear gunshots being fired in the distance.

There's no confirmation on Lil Baby's condition following the shooting. As of this report, he has not commented on what happened.

See the full news report about the shooting below.

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