Blueface Sentenced For Las Vegas Strip Club Shooting


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Blueface will have to tread lightly if he wants to stay out of jail.

On Monday, October 2, TMZ reports that the controversial rapper will have to serve up to three years of probation for his role in a shooting that happened outside of a strip club in Las Vegas. The judge gave Blueface a suspended sentence of 24-60 months. There's no intended jail time at this time, but if the artist doesn't comply with the terms of his sentence or gets himself into any other type of trouble then he could be forced to serve the remainder of his sentence behind bars.

As per the judge's ruling, Blueface cannot possess nor can he be seen with anyone that has a firearm. He's also been barred from all strip clubs in the downtown Las Vegas area. In addition to being prohibited from all drugs an alcohol, Blueface also can't interact with the victim, Kentavious Traylor, or his family. Traylor was in the courtroom when the judge handed down his sentence, and he wasn't happy about it.

I know people who get more time for stealing bubblegum," Traylor said during the hearing. "I'm just completely disappointed in all of this."

The shooting happened at Euphoric Gentlemen's Club in Las Vegas in October 2022. Traylor had reportedly made a bad joke about Blueface that the rapper didn't appreciate. That's when a crew of people from Blueface's camp attacked Traylor and hit him several times. Traylor left and so did Blueface and co.

Security footage caught the moment when Traylor pulled up to the rapper and his group outside the venue. That's when Blueface pulled out his gun and fired numerous shots at Traylor, which grazed his left hand. Blueface was eventually arrested and charged with attempted murder. He eventually pled guilty to lesser charges of battery and discharging a firearm.

After the sentence came down, Traylor decided to take a selfie of Blueface with his lawyer. You can see that image here.

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