Man Finds Apple Air Tracker Underneath Car!

John Nelson, the new owner of a dodge 392 Scat Pack 2018 Charger, knew his car muscle car would draw a lot of attention. Nelson was notified by his iPhone that he was as being tracked by an unknown AirTag. Thankfully, he was able to "play sound" from his phone to the air tag to find its exact location on the vehicle. This highly desired vehicle spiked in thefts throughout the country. According to, "Dodge Chargers and Challengers are getting stolen at alarming rates....[these] muscle cars get stolen from driveways at night and busy parking lots during the day." According to "Whoever did this unscrewed a drain cap under the trunk of John’s car and slipped the tag inside". People have been using the 4 pack of Air tags to track items and worse... people. Thieves track the target vehicle and to pick the most opportune time to steal – found mostly on Dodge products, parked in mall parking lots, according to

If you own a Charger or Challenger this holiday season, keep your head on a swivel! These thief's are getting very creative!

Photo Credit: Getty Images


Photo: AFP

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