Mother Throws Special Needs Infant To Their Death & Claims Insanity!

41 year old, Sonia Hermosillo, was found guilty for murdering her 7 month old son, Noe Medina Jr., in September. Noel Jr. suffered from a medical condition to which he would received regular treatment for a congenital condition that left his neck twisted to one side, but Hermosillo was not scheduled to bring the child in for treatment on this day.

Prosecutors said that Hermosillo parked her car on the fourth floor of the parking garage, unhooked the baby’s medical helmet and pushed him from the structure, according to According to a witness, they then witnessed Hermosillo walk inside the hospital to then validate her parking, and drove away.

The father of Noe Jr, Noe Medina,Sr., called police to report his son and wife missing. Medina Sr. told to police that due to her depressive episodes Hermosillo was hospitalized in a psychiatric facility days before the infants death. After her hospitalization she was not allowed to be alone with the baby, according to Hermosillo was taken into the custody as she was found driving around the hospital that same evening.

Hermosillo's mental state began to suffer after the birth of Noel Jr., so this was all new to the family. Due to the family's lack of resources, Medina Sr. was not able to afford to fill Hermosillo's prescriptions. She reportedly said she killed him “because he’s sick” and added, “that’s why I don’t love him,” according to a report from CSN-TV.

The status of her "insanity" has been the discussion during her trial. Although she was in a depressive state, that isn't enough cause to be deemed as "legally insane". Jurors ultimately found Hermosillo legally sane at the time of the murder.

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