Tesla Sued By Black Employee For $137 Mil For Racial Discrimination & Wins!

Owen Diaz, a former Tesla employee just got the bag! A federal jury in San Francisco has ordered Tesla to pay approximately $137 Million for ignoring racial discrimination in the work place. Diaz was a former elevator operator and faced racial abuse while working for Tesla. According to the nytimes.com," a supervisor and other colleagues repeatedly referred to him as racial slurs". Diaz recounts drawn swastikas and scratched racial epithets left in bathroom stalls and even left derogatory caricatures of black children around the factory, according to the nytimes.com. It doesn't stop there!

Demetric, Diaz's son, who also worked at the factory, witnessed this behavior first hand. According to his son, he witnessed his father being broken in front of him. The amazing part about this story, three non-Tesla contracted Employees witnessed the behavior and testified on Diaz's behalf. If you see something, say something! This case has made it way to trial and Tesla has yet to make an appeal.

If Tesla doesn't appeal, the case is closed!

Photo Credit: @gettyimages

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