Philly Announces New Mask Mandate and Vaccine Requirements

Well, I knew this would happen. With the Delta variant of the COVID-19, numbers are going back up with hospital cases. And with that in mind, many places that have gotten rid of their mask mandates, are slowly putting the mandates back in place. According to NBC 10, Philly is getting ready for another mask mandate. Customers and employees inside of businesses will have to wear masks of have proof of your vaccinations, while all city employees get vaccinated or deal with getting weekly tests. And yes, you will have to wear masks at outdoor events with large crowds. This will be effective Thursday, Aug. 12. Meanwhile, Jefferson Health says their employees will have to get vaccinated or face termination. Management said the Delta variant forced them to make this decision.

So what about the schools in the TriState? Well, Delaware's Gov. John Carney said masks will be required for all schools and will put this mandate in place through at least the start of the school year. New Jersey has also issued a mask mandate for schools as well. And while the Philadelphia School District also announced they will implement the mask mandate, Gov. Tom Wolf said he won't enforce a mask mandate, but will leave it to the school districts to make the call.

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Photo: Getty Images

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