Frontier Flight Attendants Suspended After Duct Taping Passenger

With all of the craziness that has been going on in the airports and on some flights, I'm not mad at what some flight attendants did. On Saturday, there was an unruly passenger on a Frontier flight going from Philly to Miami. The man is on video seen yelling at passengers about his parents having money and something about his grandparent. He sounded like a spoiled brat. But what's crazy is that the man, Max Berry reportedly came out of the flight's bathroom, shirtless after spilling a drink on himself, according to TMZ. He allegedly groped a few attendants' breast and things got worse for him. In a video, you see a male flight attendant approach Berry and the two men get into a scuffle and then you see the flight attendant duct taping the man to his seat. When the flight landed, he was arrested and booked on several charges. But Frontier also suspended some of the flight crew, with pay, while the situation is being investigated. The reason why they suspended the crew is because they said the way the crew detained the man wasn't within their policies.

The Airfield At Miami International Airport

Photo: Getty Images North America

Photo: mugshot

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