Ohio Resident Calls Authorities After A Live Grenade Was Found!

An explosive discovery was made this past week in Ohio. According to Darke County Sherrif's Office, they responded to a Facebook post which included an image of the grenade with its spoon taped down. This incident went viral that which lead to the Bomb Squad finding and retrieving the live grenade.

Authorities say the Wright-Patterson Bomb Squad detonated the device safely and reported no injuries according to foxnews.com.

This is one of many instances where a live grenades has been found in the most random places! According to foxnews.com, "The new discovery comes two weeks after a utility crew in Arkansas found another grenade buried in a residential neighborhood in Conway.

Luckily, the live grenades that have been found did not detonate. Friendly reminder, if you find one don't post it or touch it. Just call 911!

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Photo: Getty Images North America

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