Woman Missing For 3 Weeks Found Naked & Stuck In Storm Drain!

Lyndsey Kennedy a 43 year old woman was and climbed out of a 6-foot drain pipe Saturday night.

According to foxnews.com, "Kennedy had been checked into a rehabilitation facility in Texas when she wandered off." Witnesses close to Kennedy, state she was last seen slipping into a storm drain. As horrifying of an event as this may seem, during her duration of her time in the tunnel her family tracked her location through an app until she was untraceable. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time she’s been lost inside of a drain. According to FoxNews.com “Kennedy was rescued from a Florida storm drain earlier this year before finding herself in another tunnel system in Texas over the holiday weekend.”  

Sources say, during her first encounter of being trapped, she went missing while swimming in a canal near her boyfriend’s home. She seen a canal and decided too explore and ultimately couldn't find her way out! 2021 isn't over yet, she may be back!

Photo Credit: @GettyImages


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