NJ McDonalds Serves Meal With A Burger w/ A Side Of Human Feces!

Amanda Bordois a 32 year old New Jersey mother visits the McDonalds located on the 1000 block of North High Street in Millville with her daughter. What was suppose to be a routine visit to McDonalds left the scared. They purchased a meal with feces inside the bag! According to Nj.com “After eating some fries from the McDonald’s bag, the (child) reached in the bag and took out the burger (and) noticed a brown substance all over the wrapper,”.

The obviously frustrated mother tried contacting the McDonald’s to receive answers but no luck. She was forced to contact the New Jersey police to inspect the food which then led to an investigation of this McDonald’s.

According to sources the health inspector observed an employee handling cook-line sausage without washing their hands.

McDonald’s has been in the news consistently for their legal issues, it safe to say that the franchise needs to be revamped.

Photo credit: Getty Images


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