Half Naked Woman Arrested in High-Speed Car Chase!

24 year old Rachael Stefancich was involved in a high-speed chase this past Saturday. At 10am Stefancich was pulled over for a routine traffic stop which escalated to a high-speed chase as the car was reported stole. State troopers followed Stefancich which continued through multiple counties until they were able to use a PIT maneuver to disable the vehicle.

According to FoxNews.com the high-speed chase went as high as 110 mph. Once Stefancich was apprehended, sources say troopers located a glass pipe and Stefancich half naked! Authorities believe the glass pipe found in the vehicle lends to the idea that she was under that the influence. As of right now, this 24-year-old's license has been suspended and has been charge with Grand theft auto, reckless driving, fleeing and alluding, possession of methamphetamine and driving with a suspended license.

Only in Florida!

Photo Credit: @GettyImages

A Florida State trooper sits at the back

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