Wendy Williams Claps Back At Ex Mike Esterman, Calls Him 'Childish'

Wendy Williams has had it with Mike Esterman, clapping back at him for an interview that he did about the two of them since they split.

However, as Wendy tells it, there is a new twist in the story, as Wendy claims today on her show that the two were never actually boyfriend and girlfriend. And now Wendy's upset he's talking to the press and throwing quotes out there, with her opening up on today's show.

Mike Esterman, if you remember, was the winner of the "Date Wendy" competition. Esterman recently gave an interview to Page Six about their "breakup."

Wendy addressed it today, by saying, "I'm not embarrassed, because I'm that grown. But since childish ones... Mike. Well, no, he's giving quotes! Who are you? I'm available now, as I was then! We were never boyfriend and girlfriend so it wasn't a thing.

It wasn't long before Esterman clapped back himself today, saying that Wendy only looks out for herself, and that he wasn't surprised by her words on today's episodes. Esterman says she always has to have "the last word", saying, "“Of course she has to have the last word, and because she is the kind of person that she is, she’s the only thing that will make herself look best."

Check out the clip below.

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