Philadelphia Lifting All COVID Limits (Except Masking) On June 11

Philadelphia has officially announced its COVID-19 reopening plans, and it's just about a month away.

The city announced Tuesday (May 11) that on Friday, June 11th, Philadelphia will drop all capacity-related restrictions on businesses and activities.

The mask mandate, which includes wearing masks indoors and in other crowded situations when people aren't eating or drinking, will remain, in conjunction with the rest of the state of Pennsylvania.

  • Before that, though, the city is relaxing a few restrictions starting on Friday, May 21st, including:

    No density limits will be in place for retail stores, offices, museums, and libraries. Masks must still be worn.
  • Theaters and other gatherings with fixed seating both indoors and outdoors (including stadiums) will be capped at 50% capacity with a minimum of 3 feet of space. Masks must still be worn
  • Indoor dining capacity in Philadelphia restaurants remains at current level of 50% for all eateries, and 75% for those businesses that meet "enhanced ventilation standards"

More info can be found at NBC10 here.

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