People In India Are Warned That Bathing In Cow Poo Will Not Fight COVID-19

The numbers of those affected by COVID-19 in India have spiked enormously since 2020. Some citizens have begun to take matters into their own hands in covering themselves in cow dung. Then, it is said as people wait for the poo and urine mixture on their bodies to dry, they hug or honor the cows at the shelter, and practice yoga to boost energy levels to help ward off COVID-19.

According to "Cows are considered sacred in India, with the animal a symbol of life and the earth in the Hindu faith." Medical officials have no scientific evidence that shows if this works, however as the country goes into a state of an emergency this is just an additional problem amidst the pandemic. Theses new practices have made citizens at risk to spreading other diseases outside of COVID-19 according to

"[W]ith 22.66 million Covid-19 cases and 246,116 deaths reported so far – though experts say the true figures could be some five to 10 times higher....Patients across the country are facing major shortages of hospital beds, oxygen, and medicines, leaving many to die because of a lack of treatment" (

Let's take a moment to pray for India.

Photo Credit: @GettyImages

Limousine cows are pictured in a cattle

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