McDonald's Pay Applicants $50 to Interview For Jobs. More Details Here.

The job market nationwide has changed dramatically since COVID-19 hit. The COVID-19 Relief bill has in many ways help American citizens, but has made it difficult for employers to find workers. A franchise owner of a McDonald's in Florida, Blake Casper, has begun to pay people for interviewing with him. Casper believes that due to the pandemic it has been difficult to find the help. One would think that this incentive would make people jump at the opportunity, however, this hasn't moved the needle. According to, "Casper he believes it is difficult to hire workers at the moment due to the number of businesses reopening and hiring, alongside enhanced unemployment benefits".

With the House and Senate Democrats plan to introduced the Raise the Wage Act legislation discussing the raising the minimum to $15 per hour, a lot of businesses are trying to re-invent the wheel to get people back to work.

If you are in Florida and need a job head to Caspers!

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